Women’s exchange between Europe and South America

Thats’s how we roll

In cooperation with SkateGirl Colombia and Razed e.V., Further is organizing a women’s exchange between Europe an South America to encourage female skateboarding as well as combining sports with arts and literature. The objectives of the program are to create new connections and unions between femal athletes worldwide as well as between cities and countries and to empower female athltes through sports, arts and culture workshops. The aim is to furthermore inspire women to create their own projects to create changes in their lifes, cultures and sports discipline.


Sports, arts and literature

For the international Day of Reading, the German cultural department released a youth book with the main topic of skateboarding. This was used as starting point for workshops in various schools and youth centers in Munich to explore topics around reading and skateboarding as a sports as well as its connection to the arts scene.

Three colombian artists and skaters lead through the workshops together with Razed e.V. to introduce the children and teenagers to a new sports discipline and new arts techniques all revolving around the goal of increasing the participants’ self esteem and believe in their own abilities.Focus hereby lay furthermore on the encouragement of female participation within a male dominated sports.


That's how we roll Empowerment 2018 Deutsch-Kolumbianischer Austausch
That's how we roll 2018


To round up the exchange program, the first ever female-only contest took place at Munich MASH (24th june 2018) on the RB Rollercoaster with 20 invited female athletes from all over the world.