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Children, teenagers, young professionals and old hands – everyone wants to go skateboarding. But the first steps are really difficult.

Of course you noticed that straight away. It looks cool, looks nice on your TikTok, your followers think you’re special. We know that you are special. But not due to the likes and the amount of followers. But because there is much more to you than you think.

We teach you to skateboard, no matter where you come from and what you can do. Stand stable, move safely and then tricks will follow. Let’s find out together what your skill level is: down the hill, flowing through the park, pure street-style or transition.

Tell your teachers, your youth house leaders, your refugee supervisors that they are welcome to contact us. How and where? Simply here ->



What do you find here?

“Skateboarding is the easiest thing in the world that will never be perfect”. Anyone who has already tried will have this experience. Nothing easier than stepping onto a board that is barely higher than a curb. And at the same moment one realizes: the roles are incompatible with the traditional concept of gravity, the inertia of masses.

Who do we work with?

Everyone wants to be able to do it! In summary, this is our experience that we draw from all of our projects. Regardless of whether we have a complete middle school from fifth to ninth grade ahead of us, teach a teenager from the autism spectrum, or accompany young women on their hen parties – no one shirked, everyone at least wanted to give it a try.

Where do you find us

Our association is based in Burtenbach in the administrative district of Swabia (Bavaria). We work from here, increasingly in the district of Günzburg, Augsburg city and country and beyond. Of course, volunteer work has its limits: if in doubt, asking will help. If we are not in a position to make an offer ourselves, we are excellently networked and mediated in the scene.

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Skateboarding is not limited to “the halfpipe” or a modern skate park. Our offer even deliberately refrains from such attractions, because they do not reflect the world of our participants. Skating comes from the street, from the curb, and at its best has more to do with socialization than sport and performance. Because we especially want to get absolute beginners over the threshold, we prefer a lockable area with smooth asphalt or concrete without steep gradients. Then our motto also works: It definitely doesn’t hurt!

Use intrinsic motivation

The fascination of moving through muscle power generates an enormous amount of motivation – “Again!” Is normal for us. And when there is someone with the right equipment, with advice and action, good tips and sometimes with a helping hand at the right moment, there is no stopping them.

The street writes the curriculum

It doesn’t do it all by itself, but the mix makes it: even years of skateboarding + sharing experiences with colleagues + cooperation with professional associations and sports scientists results in a framework that is better than a rigid curriculum.

How do we work

Since 2010 our club has also organized itself in the structures of sport. Accordingly, one of us is always on site who has a general or specific trainer license (BLSV, DOSB) and who also meets other minimum requirements for child and youth welfare. For example, an extended certificate of good conduct, a current first aid license and PSV (prevention of sexualised violence) training. In this way we create a stable and protected environment in which we will have a lot of fun outside of school thinking.

We empower kids

People of all ages love mobility. The tricycle, the scooter, an e-bike, truck or a hypercar from Bugatti – mobile aids inspire the masses. Skateboards stand out from the crowd because they are difficult to categorize: means of transport, sports equipment, lifestyle accessories, children’s toys, all of them or none of them? Skaters know the answer

The first steps on the board are difficult. We help you not to lose interest!

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Just click, we don’t bite

Instead of waving a price tag, we primarily want to offer socially disadvantaged people, refugees and young people in need of inclusion an opportunity to overcome the first hurdles. So if you want to learn to skate or represent an institution (such as a school, an association, an interest group, self-help group, youth center, the judiciary or similar), then write us an email or on Instagram (razed.ev) .

Diversity connects

We are a support association for integration through sport in Bavaria.
Integration durch Sport DOSB

Pushing against racism

“The Goodpush Alliance “is an initiative of Skateistan to support and share knowledge between social skateboarding projects around the world so that together we can have a greater impact.
the good push alliance
the good push alliance