Integration through skateboard tour south

Cool that you made it this far!
We have something great planned for August. There will be an event that will take place along the A8 in several cities.

What is it about?

People with the same hobby, or better – the same passion – can get along with each other with just a few words. These few words are enough in skateboarding to interact well. At the same time we create the motivation to socialize, to integrate – hence “integration through skateboarding”. Sport and culture are, in our opinion, among the strongest links, so we invite everyone to join. Everyone is welcome at these workshops, no matter if you finally want to pull your first 360° flip or if you have never stood on a board before. The only thing you should bring is a good mood – the rest will come by itself! The only restriction there is – the minimum age is 8.

Integration durch Skateboard – Tour Süd

Where does it take place?
22.08. Stuttgart / 23.08. Ulm / 24.08. Augsburg

Venue Information:

The workshops are offered free of charge, partly we as an association take over the costs. In Augsburg, these are supported by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, for Sport and Integration and the DOSB project “Integration through Sport – Sport creates a home”.

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